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Companies are part of the communities in which they are based and forward looking enterprises are paying increasing attention to their corporate and social responsibility. This includes providing a healthy, safe and pleasant environment in which their employees work, along with minimizing their impact on the environment and their carbon footprint. BioCentra India Services is already helping its customers – large and small – to comply with legislative requirements and to improve their environmental ethos.


BioCentra India offers professional services including the design, construction and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment plants, supply of chemicals and consumables such as imported and locally manufactured membranes, service, operation and maintenance of plants.

These services extend from divisions within the company, each addressing various aspects of the market – Design and Build, Engineered Solutions, Operations, and maintenance including Services & Consumables, and Chemicals.

BioCentra India aims to give better knowledge and access for environmental services to companies from sectors of Agro, food, Textile, Pharma/biopharma, Building materials, Metals, commercial building, and residential apartments.

BioCentra Enviro Services is a quality assured, waste water treatment, waste management and environmental management company that offers a daily service, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, to residential apartment, Industries, both for commercial customers and local authorities.

BioCentra India designs, builds, installs and tests wastewater treatment systems to be in line with world-class standards. A dedicated operations division further helps to maintain maximum plant efficiency, the lowest-possible running costs, and constant, high-quality output with a range of services available, including consumables and wastewater treatment.

The company is therefore committed to the protection of the environment by avoiding pollution of groundwater, soil and air. Effluent, sludge and odours in particular are managed to ensure environmentally safe, purified water, which complies with the disposal standards. For this reason, the Board of Directors and management of the company are committed to the principles of continuous improvement by means of :

  • Providing a skilled, motivated and competent workforce in order to minimize the impact of technical or operational default;
  • Ensuring the technical and/ or physical ability of treatment plants through capital upgrading and preventative maintenance programmes;
  • Formal identification of risk factors at each of its plants and the management of such factors to avoid risks;
  • Liaison and co-operation with the regulator and related institutions to continually establish or improve appropriate water quality standards and operational procedures;
  • Striving to minimize impact on natural resources through ongoing measurement of input and output performances;

In addition to the above-listed initiatives, BioCentra strives towards further improvement by:

  • Encouraging sound effluent treatment practices within industries.
  • Co-operation and involvement in catchment management organizations.
  • Involvement of interested and affected parties in the decision-making process.
  • Adhering to the relevant legislative requirements.